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The way we work has been irreversibly disrupted. Covid-19 has unmasked a desire for people to work on their own terms. At their own pace. In their own environment. As hybrid workplaces increasingly become the norm, hybrid learning is reinventing the way we approach professional and on-the-job training & education. Let our guide be your guide to adopting hybrid learning into your training programs.

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You’ll learn:

  •  4 key considerations when choosing a hybrid training model
  • 5 technologies reviewed for efficacy: recorded webinars, eLearning platforms, app-based course authoring tools, animated and live-action videos, and virtual reality
  • 5 questions to ask to determine the best path forward with hybrid learning
  • 5 steps to introducing your very own hybrid learning strategy
  • Access to a real-life hybrid learning case study

This valuable eBook was created to help you lay the groundwork for an effective, efficient and highly motivating hybrid learning program.

A Harvard Business Review study found that, on average, 
virtual learning was 19% more impactful than in-person learning.

Discover how hybrid learning bridges the gap to provide your organization, trainers and employees the best of both worlds.